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Our Story

Mountain Waste & Recycling is a materials management company with a few simple goals:

• Remove trash from your home, business, construction site or special event
• Provide customers with the tools to compost and recycle materials
• Educate customers about strategies to reduce their waste

But there’s more to our mission. We live, work and play in the very communities we serve. We understand that our industry has a significant role in caring for our environment, and we are committed to offering and practicing sustainable waste management solutions. We embrace a business culture of honesty and education, helping our customers understand:
• What happens to their waste when it’s taken away
• How local, state and national regulations impact the services we provide
• How to make informed consumer decisions



Mountain Waste & Recycling, a locally owned trash removal, recycle, yard waste collection and roll-off container rental service, offers environmentally sustainable solutions for residents, businesses and contractors. We are your go-to waste management solution for construction sites AND special events!

Exceptional (and local) Customer Service
Mountain Waste & Recycling is committed to providing its customers with unparalleled knowledge, value and safe waste management services. When you call our Customer Service number, you will be connected to a person in our office right here in the valley, not a call center located thousands of miles away. We live, work and play in the same areas we service, and we make decisions as community members right alongside you.

Unparalleled Experience
Our local management team has more than 70 years’ experience working in the recycling and waste industry. We are passionate about trash, recycle, yard waste collection and special event service, and we love to teach our customers about important environmental issues and the logistics of offering sustainable service options within our mountain setting. We are your local waste management company, working to provide forward-thinking and socially conscious waste solutions.

Working to Save You Money
Every dollar counts! With rural mountain life comes a higher cost of living. We work diligently to keep our costs down in what is arguably the toughest physical environment for a waste management company like ours to thrive. Our distance from population centers impacts the cost of our services, because we are miles away from key materials processing facilities and specialty repair shops. Even so, our fees are often 12-15% lower than our largest competitor.
Because of our location, we pay more for diesel fuel than any other area in the state. We do not control the cost of diesel fuel, but we know we must manage its impact. We include a fuel surcharge in our delivery of services to help us manage this vital component of our service.
When you pay for our services, your money stays right here in Colorado. It keeps local people employed.