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End of Davis landfill drop-off recycling resulted from international trends


 Standard Examiner, March 18, 2016
Doug Gibson

There’s a simple reason that the Davis County landfill recently ended its drop-off recycling program — it was not supporting itself, victim to trends outside its control.

Besides an increase in curbside recycling firms in Davis County — the chief culprit for the closure — “the market for recyclable materials is way off,” said Nathan Rich, chief executive officer and executive director of Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District, which runs the Davis landfill. The market is down for two reasons:

  • A steep reduction — as much as 80 percent — in the price of oil, which plastics are made from
  • An economic downturn in China, which is the chief international buyer of recyclables 

With China buying fewer recyclables, most notably plastics, “that has flooded the market with recyclables,” said Larry Gibbons, business development manager with Rocky Mountain Recycling.

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