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Pitkin County wants more equitable contributions for recycling service


From the Aspen Daily News, January 20, 2016

Collin Szewczyk

Basalt only covering cost of Willits facility through April

Pitkin County commissioners had a long discussion on the moral benefits of the area’s recycling program on Tuesday, but stressed that municipalities need to step up their share of funding to support the costly amenity into the future.

The high cost of recycling service is being compounded by the commodity markets falling drastically in the last few years, making recycling facilities unprofitable. The county is now looking at having municipalities share the cost of service at a possible 50-50 clip.

That would mean an annual match of $97,000 from the city of Aspen, $23,300 from Basalt, and $56,600 from Snowmass Village for operations.

“At this point I believe we’re looking at the equity question of what Snowmass is paying for their recycling, what Basalt is paying for their recycling, even though it’s mid-valley, and what we’re paying for Aspen’s recycling,” said Commissioner Rachel Richards. “How do we create some equity among our partners about what level of subsidy and support we have going forward?”

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