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Fuel, Landfill, and Recycling Rate Change

Regarding our recent letter sent to all Mountain Waste customers, we want to provide those letters on our website. To the right is Mountain Waste's letter discussing the price increase and the variables that factor into our increases in the cost of service.  

Please note: Local governments prefer (and often require) that we charge more for trash collection and less for recycling in order to “incentivize” you to recycle more materials. Therefore, the additional cost of recycling may show up on your fees for trash collection.

For example, the City of Aspen will not allow us to charge a fee for recycling, but the city ordinance requires us to offer recycling. In order for us to cover any extra cost of recycling, we can only increase the trash portion of the bill. Now that we are forced to transport recyclables great distances, these extra costs will be passed along to you on your trash bill.

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The cost of processing recyclables is going up. Please see Alpine Waste’s letter to Mountain Waste regarding their significant fee increase to sort our recyclables.

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