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Compost Pickup Services

Mountain Waste & Recycling offers compost collection in the Roaring Fork Valley. Call us about our compost pick-up services today! 970-963-3435

A common-sense solution for keeping hundreds of pounds of waste out of the landfill.


Healthy compost requires a good mix of “brown” and “green” materials. Browns – organic food sources, coffee grounds, tea bags, etc. – are rich in carbon and carbohydrates. They add bulk to the compost pile and help air to flow and filter through it. Greens are scraps and clippings you’ll largely gather outside – leaves, grass, plants, branches and sticks, etc. These materials are rich in nitrogen and sometimes protein. They add heat to a compost pile, encouraging microorganisms in the pile to quickly multiply.

The Brown: An average single household produces upwards of 200 pounds of kitchen waste every year. Think about the scraps of food and other organic materials you toss into the trash every day – meat, pasta, fruit, vegetables, bread, coffee grounds, tea bags. Do your part to divert loads of organic waste from the landfill and provide rich soil for tomorrow’s agricultural needs by participating in Mountain Waste & Recycling’s community composting services.

The SCRAPS program is a joint effort by the Pitkin County Solid Waste Center (landfill) and city Departments of Environmental Health and Sustainability to assist businesses and residents in diverting organic waste from the landfill. The motto is: “If you can eat ‘em, scrap ‘em!”

The Green:
Green waste includes any general yard waste, sticks, branches, grass, leaves, plants and flowers. These materials can be mixed together but should not include dirt, rock, trash or any other non-compostable material.

How it works:
Community composting is currently available for Mountain Waste & Recycle customers from Carbondale to Aspen.

To sign up for our compost pickup services contact us online or by phone at (970) 963-3435 to request a container.