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We Have Some GREAT News!


MWfaviconOver the past year, Mountain Waste & Recycling has taken significant steps to reduce our impact in the neighborhoods of Carbondale. The two actions listed below already have resulted in far less truck traffic on Carbondale streets and a reduction in vehicle noise in the neighborhoods near Town Hall:

  • We relocated our vehicle maintenance facility out of downtown Carbondale to a temporary location near Glenwood Springs
  • We are building a permanent maintenance facility on County Road 100 on the site of the old Mid-Continent coal loadout – yes, the huge, old grey building will be coming down in sections and be replaced by modern, aesthetically improved, efficient buildings

Now, we have more exciting news!

Effective May 1st, Mountain Waste & Recycling is collecting trash and recyclables from our residential customers on one day of the week. We have re-routed our trash and recycling trucks to make one pass through town on Tuesdays!

We love that we can reduce our carbon footprint while improving your quality of life, and we know that you appreciate these actions. Feel free to thank your driver when you see him or her.

Important things to know:

  1. Our changes take effect beginning in May, 2016.
  2. Monday and Wednesday customers have been moved to TUESDAY service for both trash and recycling.
  3. Your normal collection TIME will change since we are re-routing every truck.
  4. Please have your trash and recycling containers at the curb by 7 AM on Tuesday, May 3rd. Your pick up time will change, so get that stuff out early!

We appreciate your continued trust in us and thank you for your cooperation with this change to better serve you and reduce the carbon footprint.

Please call us at (970) 963-3435 with any questions.

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