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From Aspen to Parachute, Mountain Waste & Recycling is proud to service businesses and residence in the Roaring Fork Valley.

As your neighbor in the Roaring Fork Valley, Mountain Waste & Recycling is honored to hold municipality contracts where we work and live. As a company, Mountain Waste & Recycling embraces a business culture of honesty and education with regard to the realities of what happens to your waste when it’s taken away, whether to the landfill, to a recycling center, a community compost facility or another destination.

Currently, Mountain Waste & Recycling has city contracts with Carbondale, Silt, New Castle and Rifle. Because our employees live, work and play right here in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, we take extreme pride in the communities we serve. They are our own communities, and they are our neighbors. When you work with Mountain Waste & Recycling, you receive exceptional customer service, unparalleled knowledge, a passion for education and environmental sustainability we hope is contagious and, of course, safe and reliable waste management services with creative and evolving solutions for today’s waste management challenges.

At Mountain Waste & Recycling, our goals are simple but far-reaching:
     • take away trash from your home, business, construction site or special event
     • provide customers across the Roaring Fork Valley with the tools to recycle and compost materials
     • educate customers about strategies to reduce their waste

But there’s more to our mission. We live, work and play in the very communities we serve. We understand that our industry has a significant role in caring for our environment, and we are committed to offering and practicing sustainable waste management solutions. We embrace a business culture of honesty and education, helping our customers understand

     • What happens to their waste when it’s taken away
     • How local, state and national regulations impact the services we provide
     • How to make informed consumer decisions

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