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Mountain Waste & Recycling offers many different environmentally friendly waste solutions. Compost collection and recycling are two waste solutions we offer.

Think outside the box.
We can never take for granted the crisp, fresh air and breathtaking mountain scenery surrounding the place we call home. As community residents, our employees and our customers are also stewards of Colorado’s high-mountain country. Mountain Waste & Recycling knows how important it is to practice environmentally sustainable waste management and work tirelessly toward keeping and creating clean spaces wherever we live, work and play. We also know that every person can make an impact.
We want to help you do that.

As your locally owned waste management company, we give you opportunities to practice forward-thinking and socially conscious waste management. Our convenient curb-side recycling offers single-stream recycling in most communities we serve. We educate our customers about hazardous waste disposal, so they can play an active role in protecting our soil and water. Our composting program diverts organic materials from the landfill and turns that material into rich soil for tomorrow’s agriculture use.


Mountain Waste & Recycling is committed to providing socially conscious solutions for material and waste management throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, from Aspen to Rifle and beyond. We know you want easy, maintainable and creative waste management solutions, with a well-earned commitment to the environment and sustainability. Look no further!
We invite you to join our quest for environmental sustainability and conscientious waste management.

Be a part of tomorrow’s solution.
It’s no secret that we live in a beautiful area. But it comes at a cost. With the high cost of living and high cost of land throughout the Roaring Fork Valley, the valley lacks its own local recycling facility.
Finding land zoned for a large-scale composting and recycling facility is very expensive. While a recycling facility can have a relatively small footprint without requiring a lot of land, the land must be zoned appropriately regardless of size, 
 The high cost of land and construction in this area adds an additional challenge. We hope that someday the Roaring Fork Valley will have its own recycling and composting facilities. Until then, Mountain Waste will continue to transport your recyclable and compostable materials to facilities outside the valley.